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German company TechnikExpert offers with guarantee and certificate of origin.


In 1864 German engineer Nikolaus Otto recorded an engine-producing company in Cologne, and started assembling engines in a small workshop. Thus, the one hundred and fifty years history of Deutz AG Group began.

Currently, Deutz AG is the world’s largest manufacturer of diesel engines for the equipment and generators with plants in Germany, USA, China, Spain and Argentina.

Each product needs advertising, but not Deutz engine. Its high reliability even under adverse conditions and super long useful life is legendary. Deutz AG museum exhibits the historically unique collection, which presents the Deutz engines made in the XIX-XX centuries. There is even an original engine of 1867 edition among the fifty items displayed.


Deutz Engines

High-quality production is a historic company’s strategy, which has remained unchanged through hundred and fifty years. Currently the Group manufactures approximately 200,000 engines of different modifications per year. An independent corporate Department of quality has been specially established to exercise control over the huge number of products quality.

The traditional reliability of engines, high fuel economy and relatively low operating costs are the main success factors of the Group. Therefore, despite relatively high prices of engines, many machinery and equipment manufacturers prefer the Deutz engines. Deutz engines are mounted in trucks, marine transport, agricultural machinery, power generators and other mechanisms.

Despite the globally renowned quality of the deutz engines, the parts still are worn out one day. Owners must keep in mind that timely replaced parts prevent the breakdown of the whole engine.


Deutz Spare Parts (Deutz)

Deutz engines mean image, and the image must be maintained. Therefore, when servicing the engine, one should use original spare parts directly received from the Deutz AG suppliers. Buying original spare parts from Deutz, you buy the warranty and quality.

The German company TechnikExpert sells original spare parts for Deutz engines.

We provide guarantee and a certificate of origin, and our logistics experts will help you arrange the necessary documentation for goods transportation.

TechnikExpert will deliver the goods to any place of the world as soon as possible after ordering. Prompt and reliable delivery will allow timely repairs, and in case the engine is out of operation, to minimize the downtime period.

TechnikExpert guarantees customs clearance in the framework of current legislation, and will quickly deliver goods to the customs station in the country of the customer on DAP Incoterms 2010 terms.