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MAN Spare Parts

Provides german company TechnikExpert with guarantee and certificate of origin.


In all European towns, even the smallest ones, stories are told about the MAN diesel engine, which has been running failure free for unusually many decades. “Longevity” of MAN engines can only be compared to another German product, the Singer sewing machine. Both MAN and Singer machines operate reliably thirty, fifty, and, if properly operated, even one hundred years after production! It was these two mechanisms that formed the world-famous definition – German quality!
The history of MAN dates back to the 19th century, to the history of industrial enterprises, on the basis of which the Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nurnberg (MAN) was established in 1898. In the early twentieth century (1904) MAN produced steam engines, turbines, hydraulic pumps, and railway cars. This period was the starting point for entering the automotive industry.

The first MAN vehicle was produced in 1915, and engines were developed and produced in the same period. If you study the history of industrial development of MAN, a certain pattern is evident: a new engine was manufactured or an existing one was upgraded to equip a new vehicle model. At the same time, new engine and vehicle models are always described by the phrase “the first in the world”, or “the most powerful in the world”. Twenty years after the release of the first vehicle, the model range of trucks already numbered 13 units.

After the World War II, since 1950, a powerful growth of production capacity of the company has begun. By 1967, MAN had produced 22 models of trucks. It won’t be exaggeration saying that the high-tech growth of MAN facilities can be called a production miracle. So in 2000, MAN is reaching a record figure for the production of vehicle with a curb weight of 6 tons – 56,300 units. Now, 32,000 people are employed at all the facilities of the company.
Today, MAN is an automobile concern with a total staff of 53,824 employees, of whom 31,444 work at the enterprises located in Germany. The concern is divided into three divisions: MAN Truck & Bus AG (manufactures truck and bus), MAN Ferrostaal AG (construction of manufacturing enterprises), and MAN Diesel & Turbo (produces diesel engines and turbines).

MAN Spare Parts
The service hours of diesel engines and the warranty period of MAN vehicles is one of the highest among the leading vehicle makers, however, the uninterrupted and long-term operation of machinery depends on its proper operation and maintenance. It must be remembered that only original MAN spare parts recommended by the automaker should be used during routine or emergency maintenance. MAN spare parts cost more than alternative ones for one reason only – they are of high quality, because they are manufactured according to MAN standards and directives.

TechnikExpert offers
The German company TechnikExpert offers new diesel engines MAN, original spare parts for diesel engines MAN, original spare parts MAN for all models. Here you can buy original spare parts MAN with a guarantee and the certificate of origin for the products.
TechnikExpert guarantees the customs clearance of goods in accordance with the current legislation, and delivers the goods as quickly as possible to the customs office of the customer’s country on conditions DAP Incoterms 2010.