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Запчасти для RENAULT

Небольшое описание этой техники на пару строчек, типо приветственное о описывающее основные направления марки, максимум на 3 строки


In 2018, the French corporation Renault celebrated one hundred and twentieth anniversary of the release of its first car. Without exaggeration, we can say that Renault cars are an industrial symbol not only of France, but of all Europe. Renault is the history of technological progress in the mechanical engineering of all mankind.
Louis Renault, one of the founders of the company, who remained in complete control of it for forty-five years, not only could create an automobile plant, but also introduced engineering philosophy as the basis for success in machine building. In the first years of the company’s operation, it has established the reputation of innovative production, and it was the introduction of advanced contemporary technologies that allowed Louis Renault to organize one of the largest production facilities in Europe in a short time. In 1908, the company produced 3,575 cars, while twenty years later, in 1928, 45,809 vehicles for various purposes were produced under the Renault logo.

For Louis Renault himself, the success of his company predetermined the dramatic ending of his life. In the First World War, the company produced a huge amount of military equipment for the front, for which Louis was decorated with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, and the French call him “The savior of the Motherland.” After the World War II, in 1944, Louis Renault was arrested on charges of collaboration with the authorities of the Third Reich. Louis Reno, a holder of the Order of the Legion of Honour, “Savior of the Motherland” died in prison under mysterious circumstances.

In 1945, by the resolution of the French government, Renault was nationalized. It enabled the company to enter a new competitive level in the international automobile market. At present, the Renault Group is one of the world’s largest vehicle makers. The high quality of Renault vehicle is achieved thanks to the principles laid down by Louis Renault, including huge investment in new projects and introduction of innovative production technologies, which allows to reduce production costs and at the same time improve quality.

Original spare parts
High quality and performance of machinery, availability to spare parts is a guarantee of the vehicle maker success in the global market. In Renault, hundreds of technical specialists are monitoring the production and testing of parts and units. Quality control begins before a part is produced, strength, flexibility, wear resistance characteristics are determined by computer-simulated tests. A special scientifically developed quality control takes place in the manufacture of any part. When the equipment comes off the assembly line, it goes through general diagnostics and testing of all units.
Hundreds of thousands of Renault vehicles and engines function all over the world, their service hours calculated by designers inevitably expire one day, and there comes the time for maintenance and replacement of parts. Experienced owners of machines know that only original spare parts should be bought. Buying original spare parts for Renault equipment, you buy first of all a quality that ensures the uninterrupted operation of the whole vehicle, and importantly, Renault original spare parts bring economic benefits, since their service life far exceeds non-original spare parts.

TechnikExpert company offers
The German company TechnikExpert offers original spare parts for Renault engines, original Renault spare parts for all models. Here you can buy original Renault spare parts with a guarantee and the certificate of origin for the products.
TechnikExpert guarantees the customs clearance of goods in accordance with the current legislation, and delivers the goods as quickly as possible to the customs office of the customer’s country on conditions DAP Incoterms 2010.