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We purchased replacement parts in Germany. The seller cannot deliver them outside Germany. Can you help us to organise the shipment and customs formalities for deliver to a non-EU country? What do you charge for this service?

Part of the service we offer is business processing between a European and a non-European company. We support the business process from the beginning to a successful conclusion. Our service package includes:

  • Before business processing – Preparation and inspection of contractual documents
  • Money transfer from the non-European country to a European account
  • Compliance check of the supplier’s product description
  • Creation of export documents (export declaration)
  • Determination of cost-effective logistics for air freight, sea freight, or heavy transports
  • Legal support in the case of conflict with the European company.
  • For this comprehensive service package, the costs incurred range from 5,5% to 8,8% of the total sum of the business processing. Each case is negotiated on an individual basis.

Do you offer only original spare parts or also alternatives?

The range of our company’s products mainly consists of original spare parts. All products of good quality, produced under license, and can be ordered from us.

How long do you guarantee new and alternative replacement parts?

The guarantee for original replacement parts is one year, and six months for alternative replacement parts.

Do you sell new and used building machinery and equipment? Can you organise transport to non-EU countries and handle customs formalities?

TechnikExpert offers intermediary services for the purchase of specialized used equipment between the German and European companies. TechnikExpert undertakes the planning, organization, management, execution and control of domestic and international transportation of your goods.
We adhere to the principles of transparency, so we recommend you to buy new equipment in your country with an assistance of the nearest dealer. In this case, issuance of the guarantee will cause a lot less complications.

Do you provide a statement or a certificate of origin for products?

Certificates of origin or a statement are required for many goods. On request, we can deliver the documents together with the goods. The cost of such certificate execution is free!

Products of which construction equipment manufacturers are available in your portfolio?

We offer our customers the most diverse range of products from manufacturers from all around the world. Our assortment includes auto parts for construction machinery from all European, US and Japanese manufacturers.

Which diesel engine manufacturers do you have in your delivery program?

Here too, we provide a broad, international range of diesel engines from manufacturers such as: Cummins (USA), Deutz (Germany), Perkins (Great Britain), Hatz (Germany), Isuzu (Japan) and Kubota (Japan).

What countries do you ship to?

We deliver goods to all countries except countries under embargo. You will find HERE a list of countries with the certain trade restrictions applied.

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