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High quality and original spare parts for starters of all types and modifications.

Spare parts for starters

Starter is considered to be a complex electromechanical device. With a relatively small size it has to spin the flywheel and the entire crank mechanism. Despite the fact that the warranty service life of the starter designed for a very large number of runs, the wear and tear of certain parts and components may occur prior to the expiration of the warranty period. Improper operation or originality of the starter itself may be the reason for this. Nothing lasts forever in this world and starters too, so even the original starters of well-known manufacturers require maintenance and repair.

One need to know that parts wear in the starter is uneven, therefore, pay attention to the condition of the parts under the increased load when routine maintenance. This includes Bindex drive, starting relay, bushings, and brushes. If items are not replaced in time, a general starter repair will cost several times more expensive, and in some cases you will have to buy a new starter.

Today dozens of manufacturers produce parts to starters, but only some of them are official suppliers to the starters assembly lines.


TechnikExpert company offers original spare parts for starters with identical technical characteristics of parts used at the factory assembly. Among the range of our products there are original spare parts of world famous manufacturers as follows: Bosch, Delco, Denso, Valeo, Lucas, Iskra, Lauber, Hitachi, Butes, Motorcar, Magneto, Ford, Nikko, etc.
TechnikExpert guarantees customs clearance for goods within the framework of current legislation, and will deliver goods as fast as it possible to the customs station in the country of the customer on DAP Incoterms 2010 terms.