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A powerful and suitable ALTERNATOR for your car, truck, bus, construction machinery and engines you can find in our online shop


There are plenty of cases in the history of the development of machinery when inventions of small details determined the structural changes of entire mechanisms. The same happened to a car alternator.

Starter, developed by Charles Kettering in 1912, functioned as an alternator after the engine start. In 1916, engineer Vincent Bendix suggested that the starter was to be added with a small mechanism that after starting the engine would prevent torque transfer. This brilliant idea allowed using only the starter to start the engine. The new part was called Bendix drive in honor of its inventor. Since then and thanks to the Bendix drive, two independent devices they started to install in the car: the starter – consumer of electricity when starting the engine, and the alternator that generates electricity while the engine is running.

The alternators used in the automotive industry, have passed a multi-vector technical improvements, but the effect of electromagnetic induction still remains as the basis in their operation. The second Hegel principle states: “Development occurs in a spiral mode”, and this principle was reflected in the alternator upgrading. In a hundred years after the creation of the world’s first starter, the designers returned to the idea of Kettering, when one device performs the function of both a starter and an alternator. Company “Continental ISAD Systems” has developed the electrical ISG mechanism – an integrated starter-alternator. Rotor is a flywheel in this mechanism, around which the stator winding is placed. ISG produces a current of 12V, 42V, 100V and 220V, other technical features of this device indicate the revolutionary progress in the automotive industry.


Today, in the age of innovative technologies, manufacturers of alternators produce original equipment of top quality. Electronic quality control during manufacture process and individual each alternator testing ensure uninterrupted operation of the whole machine.
Alternators produced by Bosch, Marelli, Valeo, Lucas, Butec, Europe Remy (Delco), Magneton, Organisation (Iskra), Femsa, Motorcraft, Denso, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mando Melroe, Nikko, Mitsuba, Sawafuji, US Remy (Delco), Prestolite, Motorola US, Chrysler, US Ford, Delphi are of a special demand.

The German company “TechnikExpert” is a well-known starters supplier for the automotive market. We offer original alternators with certificates of quality for construction, road and agricultural machinery, cars and trucks, loaders and boats.

You have an opportunity to buy alternators ex-stock: Bosch, Delco, Denso, Valeo, Lucas, Iskra, Lauber, Hitachi, Butes, Motorcar, Magneto, Ford, Nikko, etc.

TechnikExpert guarantees customs clearance for goods within the framework of current legislation, and will deliver goods as fast as it possible to the customs station in the country of the customer on DAP Incoterms 2010 terms.