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A powerful and suitable STARTER for your car, truck, bus, construction machinery and engines you can find in our online shop


In 1912, the Cadillac Company launched the serial production of the Model Thirty car. This model started a new era in the automotive industry,- it was the first in the world to install the starter, the unusual for that time device that started engines. Until that time, all cars started with cranks inserted into the ratchet of the crankshaft, which process was uncomfortable and traumatic.

History of the electric starter invention began with a tragic incident,- Byron John Carter, the President of the company Kartercar and the friend of Henry Leland, the head of Cadillac Company, died, – the crank flied off during rotation and struck him a fatal injury. In 1910, Henry Leland turned to Charles Kettering, a talented electrical engineer, asking him to invent a device that would start the engine.
Six years before the proposal of Leland, Charles Kettering invented the electric drive of a cash register. This particular electric drive became a model to create the starter. And in February, 1911 Kettering tested in the Cadillac car the world’s first electric starter, assembled in the laboratory of the General Motors company.


At present, the starter is an integral part of the internal combustion engine. No doubt, the modern electric starters are different from those of Kettering, as for hundred years they have been modernized comply with technical requirements.
Many manufacturers offer original starters in the world market and some of them are leaders with top quality products, among them: Bosch, Delco, Denso, Valeo, Lucas, Iskra, Lauber, Hitachi, Butes, Motorcar, Magneto, Ford, Nikko and others.

The German company TechnikExpert is well-known starters supplier for the automotive market. We offer original starters certificate of quality for construction, road and agricultural machinery, cars and trucks, loaders and boats, as well as all types of stationary and mobile engines. You have an opportunity to buy starters ex-stock: Bosch, Delco, Denso, Valeo, Lucas, Iskra, Lauber, Hitachi, Butes, Motorcar, Magneto, Ford, Nikko, etc.

TechnikExpert guarantees customs clearance for goods within the framework of current legislation, and will deliver goods as fast as it possible to the customs station in the country of the customer on DAP Incoterms 2010 terms.