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Provides german company TechnikExpert with guarantee and certificate of origin.


The Swiss company SF FILTER requires no advertising, the very fact that it manufactures filters for all global manufacturers of machinery and equipment is the prove of its rating in the world market.

SF FILTER filters have been gaining popularity since the day when the company was founded in 1968, when the production strategy was adopted, which included:

1. The use of high-tech equipment for the production of filtering products.

2. The use of latest technologies for determination of qualitative properties of manufactured products.

3. Development and introduction of nanotechnology in all spheres of production.

The 21st century is considered to be a century of highly developed industrial technologies in which the use of filtering devices is an integral part of machinery and equipment.

The word “filter” originates from the Latin “filtrum”, which meant “felt, a felt percolator”. A filter is a device used to remove unnecessary impurities from liquids, air, gas. SF FILTER managed to organize the production of the best filters for any application.

SF FILTER filters are installed on engines of such globally renowned brands as Deutz, MERCEDES BENZ, CUMMINS; they are irreplaceable on Komatsu, CAT, Volvo machines, as well as on the industrial equipment of well-known manufacturers.

SF FILTER – essential goods

The law defines goods of necessity that are essential for normal human life, that is, the goods that a human needs every day.

Productive, safe, economical operation of the engine or equipment is also provided by essential goods – these are consumables that should be replaced on a regular basis. These include filters for all existing systems on the state-of-the-art equipement: hydraulic, fuel, lubrication, etc. It is noteworthy that manufacturers do not refer to spare parts as consumables, they consider consumables to be commodities to be like goods of prime necessity for a human.

Technicians know that if a filter was not replaced in time it may cause “domino” problems for the whole machine, and then, not just replacing the filter, but the expensive repairs will be required, which means downtime of the equipment which is also costly.

TechnikExpert offers

The German company TechnikExpert sells original SF FILTER filters for all types of special machinery, vehicles, engines and equipment.

The TechnikExpert online store offers the complete range of SF FILTER filters, therefore our costumers may become our permanent partners

Our experts fro the Technical Department have high competence in filters, so if you have any question when you’re placing an order with us you can get professional advice.

You should be aware that you can buy SF FILTER filters from us at a beneficial price with the convenient payment.

We provide a certificate of origin of the goods, and our logistics specialists will help you to arrange the necessary documentation for freight shipment.

TechnikExpert guarantees the customs clearance of the goods in accordance with the current legislation, and will deliver the goods as quickly as possible to the customs office of the customer’s country in compliance with DAP Incoterms 2010.